Forest has, in some way or another, been leaning into ecovillage development for his entire adult life.
A quick look at his CV will show that.
Forest’s focus in the organization is the behind-the-scenes work. Legal policies and legislation reviews, economic and environmental impact assessments, statistics and other research focused work.
When it comes to the design of the buildings, or the layout of the land, Forest works collaboratively with Meadow, the Design Team, and the stakeholders.
He will also guild stakeholder engagement sessions and other group activities. He has done this with his three prior relevant work placements, and enjoys the dynamic energy that can be built.

When you come to FMV for help getting your project out of your head and heart and onto paper, Forest is the guy who will be looking at the “business” side of things. That will include the political, economic, social, demographic, technological, legal, and environmental situation you hope to build into. How will those situations impact your village? How will your village impact the local area? What about the cultural component? These questions are the rabbit hole Forest will take you down. Once on the other side of it, he will hand you off to Meadow who will help you take those answers and use them to build a vibrant community that integrates seamlessly with the region as a whole.