First, our main ecovillage project is Edgewood Ecovillage; more about that here. The research behind the buildings includes passive solar home design, energy efficiency, green building, Net-Zero design, and potential LEED Certification (we considered Passive House, but it is quite expensive and overkill, and does not include the necessary thermal mass for cold climates that helps keep temperatures stable, like true passive solar design does).

Our smaller project is “Meadow’s mini Cabins” (name subject to change) and will include off-grid rental 12’x16′ cabins consisting of both standard construction bunkies (tiny cabins). Washrooms and outdoor cooking areas will be separately constructed for a camping / glamping type experience. More artsy and alternative construction models will be available in time.

We also plan to include experimental construction buildings via our Design Lab using natural and green building techniques. There are research funds available to help monitor and compare these designs.

Further ecovillage research information will be available soon.