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Welcome to Forest & Meadow Villages Inc

Forest and Meadow are two people who believe that we do not have to sacrifice comfort and even luxury to live an ecologically stable lifestyle. We see the housing crisis for what it is; a need for COMMUNITY, and an opportunity. This is the perfect opportunity to prove to the world that ecovillages can, and SHOULD be the standard by which all communities are built.

"To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
~ Architect Buckminster Fuller 1960

FMV's model is: "Ecovillage as Sustainable Affordable Housing"
Remember, you heard it here first--innovation, affordable housing, passive solar home design, Net-Zero ready, permaculture (regenerative agriculture), food and water security, energy security, social support, and sustainability, all wrapped up into one thing--ECOVILLAGES are the answer to the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Sustainable Design  -  Affordable Housing  -  Funding (Grants & Loans)  -  Research  - Documents

Forest & Meadow Villages (FMV) is a full-service sustainable affordable housing research, planning, and development consultant company that is building an ecovillage and helps clients achieve their affordable housing ecovillage construction goals.

FMV's experience and range of sustainable affordable housing research and experience includes:

* Providing Sustainable Affordable Housing Plans for Nova Scotia municipalities and community organizations, which includes reports and research documentation.
* Researching and Drafting studies for affordable housing needs for your region
* Aiding in the creation of Business Plans and preliminary budgets for new construction for sustainable affordable housing
* Researching sustainable affordable housing government grants and loans

* Writing grant applications--if we do not succeed, you do not owe us a penny*

* Successfully obtaining government research, start-up, capacity building, and capital funding to construct sustainable affordable housing
* Providing project management and/or support from beginning to end
* Providing support post-construction for up to 2 years

FMV pays for our own team of experts, including lawyer, licensed builders and contractors, design and architectural professionals, and in-house passive solar designer (Meadow), and collaborates with the new Nova Scotia NonProfit Housing Assocation (NSNPHA) and other community-based housing organizations, the Co-operative Housing Federation (CHF), private sector developers, municipalities and other persons and entities that help support ecovillage construction and design.

We are passionate about alternative construction, sustainable design and affordable housing, and look forward to working with you to achieve your dreams of building an ecovillage.

*unless previously agreed upon differently in a contract for specific work

Example, for Edgewood Ecovillage, FMV wrote the grant application and received $50,000 in funding for Edgewood, did the research and produced these documents for the 'FORMING' phase alone:

* Culture Tree
* By-laws
* Final Scope Assets and Needs
* Preliminary Marketing Advertising Plan
* Preliminary PESTLE Report
* Preliminary Design and Construction * Financials for funders
* Statement of Work for Planning Phase
* Final Reports (for Forming, Planning, Pre-Development & Development stages)
* Potential Partnerships Document
* Policy Research

Next, is the Planning phase (currently in process for Edgewood Ecovillage), then Pre-Development, and finally Development. 

FMV can help your organization prepare and follow through for each phase of building the ecovillage you dream of. To see more information see our Services page.

Forest and Meadow