Forest & Meadow Villages

Forest and Meadow are two people who believe that we do not have to sacrifice comfort and even luxury to live an ecologically stable lifestyle. We see the housing crisis for what it is; a need for COMMUNITY, and an opportunity. This is the perfect opportunity to prove to the world that ecovillages can, and SHOULD be the standard by which all communities are built.

Our first large project is the non-profit organization “Edgewood Ecovillage“, an affordable housing project for ages 50+ (presently in the ‘forming’ stage).

Our smaller project is a Bed & Breakfast, which includes: 1) the Little Old Farmhouse BnB with “Boho Room”, and later on, 2) “Meadow’s mini Cabins“, which will be an off-grid Airbnb consisting of both standard construction bunkies (cabins), and then later experimental construction bunkies via our Design Lab using natural and green building techniques (presently in the planning stages).

We are building a sustainable affordable housing development for adults (seniors). It will be a full ecovillage, by the definition given by the Global Ecovillage Network. As we complete each phase of development, we will keep people updated here on this website. However, once Edgewood Ecovillage is ready to receive residents, it will be getting its own website. FMV is just a consultant in this process, and while we are also residents, we are NOT in charge. We are just here to make sure that things move smoothly and toward the final goal: sustainable, affordable living for ages 50+.

Forest & Meadow Villages Inc. (FMV) has experience with past projects in real estate investment and land development:

Forest (Allister Cucksey) has a Masters degree in Rural Development and has a background in research and statistics, as well as economics and non-profit organizations. Meadow (Sharon Eby Buydens) has a BA degree in Cultural Anthropology/Social Science and a background in administration, Board of Directors (incl. past President), Project Manager, and Organizing Assistant for multiple non-profits, as well as land development, real estate investment (flips, buy-and-holds, rehabs, multifamily) and property management in both the US and Canada. Together they have experience in research, writing (articles and books), permaculture, green building and passive solar home design, and other interests that they bring to the table.