Welcome to our property! Current home of the Forest and Meadow here in West Pubnico, Nova Scotia.

Future home of Meadow’s mini Cabins (off-grid cabins / bunkies) and Edgewood Ecovillage.

Forest and Meadow’s (hosts/founders) house on Argyle Sound Road, Pubnico, NS

At first, during construction, the property will be limited to the staff, and their friends and family. However, once the cabins are built, the land will be opened to guests, and eventually, the public at large.

We do plan on having a boardwalk in time, which will roam through the woods to the sea and will be for public access.

Path behind house leading down the hill towards the woods
Behind the house–meadow and woods, bog, and beach in the distance
Woods on the 11-acre property at Forest Meadow Villages Inc.
Creek beside the bog on the property

The community homes/cabins will be inter-connected as “hubs” and will be a showcase of “green” technologies and building methods. This section will be a real-world laboratory as well as a living community (ecovillage).

Greenhouses and permaculture forest gardens will also connect members of the community.

“Kira’s Cove” at the sea (will be at the end of the future boardwalk)

Community homes will be scattered in groups between the farmhouse, camping/glamping cabins and Argyle Sound (Atlantic Ocean).

For guests who stay with us, hiking will be made available, although until a trail is cut, and a boardwalk built, only the most daring (and those with a good sense of direction) can attempt to trail blaze through the woods and brush to the sea.

About the Property

The property has 11 acres that goes to Argyle Sound, which connects to the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Fundy. Our land has multiple mini-ecosystems available for:

  • hiking
  • trail blazing
  • kayaking on Argyle Sound (put your boat in at the wharf ramp 1.1 km away)
  • swimming in Argyle Sound (if you can hike all the way to the beach 1 km away!)
  • picnicking (on property)
  • fishing (for those with a fishing license)
  • stargazing (we have a very dark sky with fantastic visibility whenever it is not cloudy or foggy)
  • birdwatching

There is currently no trail through the woods and thickets yet (in time there will be a trail and boardwalk), so our property and surrounding private properties (do not enter!) only have 4-wheeler trails that can be accessed here and there, so to get all the way to the beach is quite a hike (we have done it numerous times).

Please be sure to bring your cell phone, some water and snacks, bug repellant, hat for the sun or rain jacket, and a printed map and compass (GPS and external/extra battery are even better). A hike to the beach and back, including time for a picnic lunch and relaxing in nature, is typically a half a day long.


If it is September through December we do NOT recommend hiking as hunters are out! (those who must are required to wear a bright orange hunting vest for visibility). Be aware that hunters during hunting season may not see you and you could get shot! There are also trail cams hidden around by hunters in different areas of the woods, so know that you may be on camera occasionally.

Because of the potential dangers to guests and others, we recommend that no hiking is done during hunting season AT ALL.

The ‘wild’ or wilderness areas (called “Zone 5” in permaculture) are not tended, and nobody may be around in case of emergency–so hikers beware! Cell phones do not typically have signal that far out away from the road, so if you go, you are on your own.

Hiking (March-August)

The rest of the year, or when snow is not on the ground (coldest months are Jan-Feb, so please do not hike while ice and snow are present), the hike on the property can be challenging but fun. It is not recommended for novices or small children, or elders who need help to get around.

The way through the woods goes into the swampy area, forest and thicket, across the bog and through another forest to the salt marsh. There is a rocky beach at the very end (over “Woodsy Hill”) as well, and when the tide is out you can walk out onto the mud flats and see a bit of exposed sea life, different types of seaweed, and thousands of periwinkles (tiny snails).

Property ecozones
Jeremiah’s Woods on “Woodsy Hill”
Pitcher plant in the bog
Salt marsh (protected wetlands)
Beach at low tide with exposed mud flats

If you are not adventurous enough to go blazing trails through the wilds, there are numerous and interesting things to see right here in Pubnico!

Places of Interest in West Pubnico

Acadian Museum (open summer hours)
The Acadian Village (historical/tours/cafe/gift shop – open summer hours)
Trail at Pubnico Head
Wind turbines, beach, trails and boardwalk at Pubnico Point (extreme south end)
Dennis Point wharf

Businesses in West Pubnico

De la Tour Co-op (grocery store)
NAPA (auto parts)
Library (limited hours/days)
Home Hardware
Canada Post
Red Cap restaurant
Dennis Point Cafe

There are also other businesses in the area–just ask for our list of local West Pubnico businesses or click here!