Edgewood Ecovillage shared its first booth with Forest & Meadow Villages (consultant for Edgewood) at the Earth Day event on April 20th from 11am-4pm in South Ohio, Nova Scotia. This is the FIRST event where Edgewood has had a booth!

It was a good day with people coming to speak with us about ecovillages and solar energy, passive solar home design, permaculture, and the status of this sustainable affordable housing project.

Join Our Wait List

Edgewood created its first Waitlist on paper for the booth for the public to sign up. There were a number of people who were interested, and took the new brochure with them.

If you are 50+ in age (or will be by the time construction of Edgewood Ecovillage happens) and are interested in joining our waitlist, then please email Meadow at edgewoodecovillage AT gmail.com or click here.

More Photos of the Event

Below are more photographs of the Earth Day event.

Edgewood plans to have at least 7 more public events and meetings to inform the public about these affordable housing endeavours and to provide a way for people to sign up for the waitlist.

New Brochure

If you would like to see more information,you can download our new brochure (PDF).

Many thanks to our Supporters, Partners, and Funders!


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