Services: Words and Meanings

There are a lot of new terms when it comes to starting an ecovillage, or any housing development. To help with navigation and understanding, the most commonly used words are included on the “Definitions” page. For this page, the headings are the phases of development that FMV uses.

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Continuing Support

Everything you do to make your organization ready for what comes next.

What will the ecovillage look like. Is an ecovillage needed in your area? Who should be involved?

This is where we start to really get down to the nitty gritty details of the ecovillage.

Now we are ready to build! No matter what method of construction or building style you want to do, we are there for you every step of the way.

For up to two years after construction is completed, FMV will still be here for you, supporting your village's growth!

Each stage has its own available funder(s) and deliverables associated with it.

Separate contract(s) for services can be done at each phase. All items in Services List are negotiable before contract is signed. We are here to help you if you have any questions.

Stage 1

This is where your first steps take effort for your ecovillage's legal organization. Have you already searched for your nonprofit business name with the Registry of Joint Stocks Companies (RJSC)? Have you submitted the necessary documentation? Do you need help? What about the by-laws and policies, Board Members, Culture Tree, and other documents needed? What about Capacity Building for your organization members? We can aid you through this process. (Please note that cooperatives have different requirements than other forms of nonprofits)

Forming your organization takes effort

Stage 2

Planning your ecovillage can feel like a tedious and overwhelming process. Is your land surveyed? Do you need land remediation? Do you need a fundraiser? Will the homes and community centre include energy efficiency and passive solar design, be Net-Zero, green building, LEED or Passive House? Do you have land? Is it paid for? How many units do you want to build? Will they be apartments or single family dwellings, row houses or tiny houses, small homes or accessible units? There are so many steps, but we are here to help!

Planning takes many steps

Stage 3

This is where all your planning pays off and how infrastructure begins for your ecovillage. This is where excavation begins, roads and septic/sewer and water lines are installed. Electric poles and meters (including to accomodate solar PV systems). There are Study stages and optional Pilot stages (a mini cluster to test whether your ecovillage ideas are viable) that can happen. This stages may include both government grants and loans. This is where the fundraising efforts will pay for themselves. 

Development takes time

Stage 4

Building the ecovillage happens here! Construction is a huge process that is done by professional building contractors and electricians, plumbers, excavators, and other necessary labourers. Volunteers and members can sometimes help here, whether aiding with parts of construction (like in Habitat for Humanity), or helping with the grounds, felling trees, building gardens, helping with the community centre, outbuildings, or other endeavours. Sometimes it is best to let the professionals do the work (and required by some government loan rules). We can help you navigate these paths to success.

This is where changes take shape


So your ecovillage is built... now what?! Do you have all your social efforts in place? Is your social media and communication attempts working for your village? Do you want to expand or build another ecovillage? Do you need templates or help in other ways? This area is for our clients who have gone through the process of building an ecovillage and would like more help, or would like to reach out for other purposes. Let us know your needs!

This is where your ecovillage dream will fly!