These books are written by Meadow (under her former names). Links and information for each book provided here as part of our resources for people interested in building their own homes, want to build ecovillages using sustainable housing and green building methods, and passive solar home design. Other topics are available as well, such as solar ovens, solar water distillers, and air conditioning earth tubes for natural cooling.


The books below were written by Meadow, formerly known as Sharon Eby (other pen names Cornet/Buydens). 

Passive Solar Energy House Projects: DIY Solar Oven, Solar Water Distillation, Passive Solar Home Design, & No HVAC Air Conditioning Earth Tubes
Paperback – July 27 2019
by Sharon Cornet

$39.00 CAD

This book is basically version 2 of the one below (which is much older and smaller). This copy is 4 entire books joined together into one paperback.

Literally 4 books in one! This greatly updated second version has four of the original topics greatly expanded with images and information, how-to info, details and Q&A's, and more--over 600 pages! The non-electric solar topics include: 1) how to make a solar oven, 2) how to design a solar water distiller, 3) how to design a passive solar house, and 4) how to make air conditioning earth tubes. 

Passive Solar Energy House Projects: A How-To Guide
By Sharon Cornet
Paperback – June 23 2012

$22.07 CAD

This book is version 1 of the above (much smaller, older version, hence the lower price)

A practical beginners guide to passive solar energy concepts, complete with pictures and diagrams. Learn about solar and wind energy; build a solar oven to cook with the sun; make your home tornado and hurricane resistant; purify water using a solar distiller; design a passive solar house; and cool your home with earthtubes!

DIY: How to Make a Solar Oven:Do It Yourself Solar Cooker Science Fair Ideas for Kids, Cheap and Easy Projects for Adults, Campers, the Survivalist, Frugal Living, and Just About Anyone 
Paperback – July 30 2015
by Sharon Buydens

$17.93 CAD

This is by far my most popular book!

This book teaches how to make several types of solar cookers. Topics include: What is a solar oven, types of solar ovens, box cookers, panel cookers, parabolic/paraboloid cookers, hybrid ovens, cardboard solar ovens, simple box cooker, panel-box cooker, pizza box cooker, Pringles can cooker, Bernard solar panel cooker, tips for your solar oven, tips for cooking, solar water pasteurization, recipie ideas.

DIY: Simple Passive Solar House: Design for 90% Energy Efficiency to Save Money on Heating and Cooling 
Paperback – April 14 2018
by Sharon Buydens

$25.28 CAD

"Passive solar" homes do NOT mean solar electricity or PV panels. 

NOTE: This book was taken out (and included in) my other book "Cheapskates Passive Solar Home" in its entirety, just in case you'd rather have the larger version that covers all of this passive solar info PLUS much, much more.  I made this "Simple Passive Solar House" book for those who just wanted the basics.

For beginners, this book explains how to design a home so that you can achieve up to 90% energy efficiency, reduce utility bills, and thereby save money from the time you move in, month after month, year after year, for the lifetime of the home. A passive solar home is SIMPLE: let the sunshine in through south-facing windows (solar south), keep the sun out in summer (properly designed house overhang), store solar gain in thermal mass (in the home's interior), and prevent heat loss (superinsulate the envelope). There are formulas and easy principles and concepts, rules and guidelines to learn how to design your home, which are provided in this easy-to-read book.

DIY: How to Build a Solar Water Distiller: Do It Yourself - Make a Solar Still to Purify H20 Without Electricity or Water Pressure 
Paperback – Sept. 4 2015
by Sharon Buydens

$28.96 CAD

This is one of my most popular books.

Build a single-basin style solar water distiller yourself to purify water without electricity or water pressure. Beware using potentially poisonous materials in your solar still--even 100% silicone is toxic unless it is food-grade. This book covers how stills work, the easy, better, and best solar stills, commercial stills, kits and plans that are available, and how to build your own cheap and easy for simple water purification using just the sun's energy.

DIY: How to Design Your Own Energy Efficient Green Home: Construction Alternatives and Sample Passive Solar Straw Bale House 
Paperback – Jan. 13 2018
by Sharon Buydens

$27.58 CAD

This is excellent for owner-builders and people interested in Tiny Houses or a "core house" that is meant to be added onto.

For beginners and owner-builders, green building is a sustainable construction method that has a low impact on the environment. The energy efficiency of a home, when designed well, can be as much as 90% efficient, cutting utility bills to an extreme. Energy efficient homes that are truly sustainable incorporate superinsulation and thermal mass along with passive solar home design, and this book explains how to do that.

DIY: How to Make Cheap Air Conditioning Earth Tubes: Do It Yourself Homemade Air Conditioner - Non-Electric Sustainable Design - Geothermal Energy - Passive Heating and Cooling 
Paperback – Jan. 4 2016
by Sharon Buydens

$34.48 CAD

This is my second most popular book!

Earth tubes (earthtubes, or earth-air tubes) are underground tubes that use geothermal energy to cool or heat temper the air for your home. It works like cheap air conditioning because you can build it yourself for several hundred dollars and it is FREE to run (no electricity needed). Being completely passive, this is a sustainable technology based on designs that are 3,000 years old and still used today around the world to cool homes.

Cheapskate's Passive Solar Home Design for DIY Straw Bale or Green Building: Thrifty Ways to Barter and Find Cheap Used & Free Materials on a Frugal Budget Paperback – April 27 2018
by Sharon Buydens

$35.86 CAD

Excellent book for the owner builder and people who want to use free, used, recycled, upcycled, and other green methods of building a house on the cheap. Also covers straw bale construction for the house that the author and her family built in the 1990's.

Learn how to design a passive solar house on the cheap. For owner-builders, this book covers how to utilize the frugal buy-and-barter method to find used and free building materials to build your own green building or alternative construction home. Included are straw bale house examples that the author and another solar expert have built with up to 90% energy efficiency, and how to obtain that level of efficiency in your own home through passive solar design. Save big on utility bills the rest of your life in your home by greatly reducing the need for heating and cooling, simply through some simple design changes.

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