Funding for Ecovillage

We just got some exciting news… Edgewood Ecovillage got approved for the next (2nd) round of “Capacity Building” funding through the CHTC (Community Housing Transformation Centre)!
Note: the first round was for the ‘Forming’ stage.

This fund covers:

  • project management plan
  • policy documents
  • legal counsel
  • funding plan, engagement planning (for community, stakeholders, and members)
  • a town hall meeting (#1 of 8)
  • land survey
  • ecovillage land use plan
  • expansion plan
  • accounting
  • final report
  • next funding application
With Forest’s (of FMV/Forest & Meadow Village’s) consulting help, an application will be submitted for the FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) grant soon!
It is exciting to think that soon Edgewood Ecovillage will be adding members, people to the waitlist, and having public meetings for potential future residents.
Keep watch!

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