“Forest Meadow Villages Inc” was officially incorporated as of June 10, 2021! It was an exciting day. Shortly thereafter we discovered we would need a non-profit to be able to accomplish our goals for the property in Pubncio.

Forest had connected with a provincial business planning program to see if we could develop the idea of an ecovillage into a reality, but that program wanted us to focus on a for-profit BnB venture only. Sadly, this did not pan out. However, we did not stop there.

“Tyler’s Coast” rocky beach at the end of the Forest Meadow Villages Inc. 11-acre property

We are still working on ways to make this dream a reality. Everything from researching and working on floor plans to alternative building materials for the passive solar buildings. At this point a non-profit organization will be the way to go.

We are also researching ways for the village to be economically, socially, ecologically, and culturally vibrant and sustainable. Watch for more details as things progress…

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