In rural Nova Scotia there is a small spit of land. It is 11 acres of bog, salt marsh, forests, and hills. The property is about 140 ft from the South side to the North side, and roughly 3,500 ft from the Eastern edge to the ocean on the Western side. It is here we intend to build Edgewood Ecovillage.

The community will consist of 20 to 30 residential small homes (more if we can acquire adjacent land), a Members Activity Centre (called the “MAC”), and walking paths/boardwalks though the various ecosystems and terrains.

Minimum Design Standards:
– All structures and facilities will be 100% “Barrier Free”
– All structures and facilities will be built to Net-Zero ready AS A MINIMUM
– All structures and facilities will be designed to be recycled or composted at their end-of-life
– The water will be purified before it reaches the point of use (your tap) and all wastewater will be purified to (or beyond) provincial and federal standard before being released into the ecosystem
– A third party certification will be used for the individual buildings AND for the community as a whole.

The Members Activity Centre will have (as resources allow):
– A fitness centre
– A communal kitchen for canning, animal preparation (butchering and preserving of raised or game animals), large gatherings, and other events
– Communal dining area with storage for games and puzzles
– Crafting & Workshop spaces for members to make things to either use, give away, or even sell
– Other facilities as resources allow and as the members can think of it.


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